tolong klik ye....

A LoVe sToRy....

A love story

It's a love story..

A girl had a cancer..

had only 30days left..

she liked a guy working in a CD shop..

but never told him about her love..

everyday she used to buy a CD just to

spend sometime with him..

after a month she died..

the guy went to searh her..

her mom told she died of cancer and

took him to her room,where he saw all

the CD unopened yet and the guy

started crying..

u know why???


he had love letters 4 her inside the



sO,the mOral of da stOry is..

if u fall in luv,juz let him/her know..

or u will regret it..

the end..

p/s: so, jika anda ade menyintai sesiapa pd saat ini tp blom m'beritahu beliau, bgtau la cpt2.. jgn smpi t'lmbt... nnt peluang tu t'lps...
baby xtau...

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